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A new year, snow and my longest stint off antibiotics.

February 9, 2013

Another course of antibiotics down. I can’t quite believe that I managed to go 8 weeks between courses as opposed to the usual 4-6 weeks… here’s hoping it’s a sign of things to come.

The last few days since finishing have been worse than when I was on the antibiotics, but I’m guessing it’s largely due to the blood going to my stomach, which is currently gargling and churning like some ill stacked dishwasher. The pressure in my temples is getting frustrating to say the least and its not doing wonders for my vision either – everything looks ‘dream-like’… but hopefully things will pick up as the week goes on and I’ll be heading towards another 8 or more weeks until I’m back on them again.

Needless to say the car has sat in the drive for the last two weeks and I’m certainly missing driving. Previous to this, the New Year had got off to a good start; the cold spell we’ve just had and large amounts of snow had proved wonders on the photographic front! Driving to small lanes, stopping and photographing, before driving somewhere else had really enabled me to make the most of it, without pushing my POTs too far. I’d then come home and rest before popping out again in the afternoon. Small doses seems to be the way forward!





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