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August 27, 2012

I’ve been struggling quite a bit recently, what with the weather etc… although I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the weather reporter use the words ‘looking autumnal’ during their weather report the other day.

I’m sure its just a flare up with my stomach or perhaps some sort of bug – whatever it is, I hope it’ll clear up soon as its only been two weeks since I last took antibiotics and I was rather hoping for at least 4 weeks before the infection comes back.

On a more positive note; I did something truly strange yesterday evening. I picked up my car keys, put on my shoes and said to my parents “See you later, I’m just popping out…” The last time I did anything on my own was well over a year ago, whatever I do, I have always had someone with me – even to simply go along the fields over the road for a walk, or to post a letter in the village post box; for the past 14months I have not been alone.

I set off and it just felt incredibly strange, yet ‘normal’ – After doing my best Braveheart impression “freeedoooomm” while driving up the road, the silence of being alone was amazing. I didn’t go far, but despite the short distance, it was a massive milestone!!

  1. Sandra Priday permalink

    That’s great Liam, I do hope you can make a habit of it !!!

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