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“on the road again…”

July 22, 2012

Quite some time ago I gave up driving, it simply wasn’t safe and I thought it stupid to even risk getting in my car; so I sold it. Partly to remove temptation, but also to save money on insurance etc, for a car that was just sitting in the drive.

Months went by and as I entered into this year, what with learning about my limitations, and learning to life within them, I began to feel that I might, on good days, feel up to driving again.

On my last consult with my POTs specialist, I enquired about driving again, and was told that it shouldn’t be a problem, but the DVLA should be notified of my conditions. Buzzing with the prospect, I immediately filled in the correct form and posted it to the DVLA, months went by without a word, and I grew concerned – what if they said no? but last month saw a letter land on the doorstep giving me the OK.

My parents added me to their insurance and since the beginning of this month, I have been back on the road. I always have someone with me just in case its too much, but so far things are looking promising. I find my pots is tolerable sitting down and provided I don’t have the radio on or talk to much, then I can concentrate while driving, and of course the air conditioning stops me from facial flushing and burning up while driving.

I’ve managed a couple of longer journeys already this month and I’m now looking into getting a car of my own.

  1. So glad you managed to get back in the driver’s seat! I’m currently not driving because of my POTS, but the lack of independence is making me crazy! WhenI eventually do return to it I’m going to get an automatic to help with dislocations sustained through gear change (plus I really want a Smart car!) happy driving : )

    • Same here Hannah; the lack of independence was a major thing where I live, without a car I was relying heavily on lifts from family to get about. I would probably be too tall for a smart car 🙂 but an automatic is a good idea for bad joints.

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