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A fairly good 4 weeks.

June 7, 2012

The Augmentin did the trick. It took me a good 8 days to get the antibiotics out of my system, but although it hasn’t been perfect, I have had a good few weeks stomach-wise.

Sadly (there’s always a but…) the last few days I have felt rather nauseous, the night before last I had a pots attack at the dinner table brought on by the heat from my plate of food (this illness really does seem ridiculous at times) but I made it upstairs, put the aircon on and within 15mins the attack was over. I felt pretty horrid and heady all evening and had an earlyish night.

Yesterday my head pressure was immense, the nausea was a great deal more intense, and I simply struggled to do things much more than normal. With thunderstorms in the afternoon; the air pressure certainly wasn’t helping and by the evening I was so sick of my head ache and pressure that I decided to try to get some fresh air.

On returning from the very short walk, things started to deteriorate and it wasn’t long before my head was pounding and my legs were twitching… not a good sign. I opted for laying on my bed, but despite my best efforts I was soon having a seizure! Afterwards was just complete agony, my EDS in my joints was unbearable and it was as much as I could do to drag myself around, supporting my own bodyweight was almost impossible.

Another earlyish night last night and this morning has been another unbearably heady one with a painful stomach… aha! a quick check of my diary and today has been 4 weeks exactly since I finished the Augmentin… head pressure, nausea, head aches, more potsy than normal, bad stomach… looks like the bacterial overgrowth is well underway again.

As I write this now, my head is spinning and its as much as I can do to see the screen properly so please excuse the grammar and spelling in this post. I’m in a lot of pain with my stomach, so I am unsure whether I should wait for the oily stools that confirm the infection is back, or whether I should just listen to my body (which seems to follow the same pattern every time) and phone my GP tomorrow to get some more Augmentin…

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