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Antibiotics, antibiotics, and antibiotics…

April 29, 2012

I apologise as I have not written a post for a while. Since my last update, and at risk of sounding like a broken record, the Doxycycline didn’t work and I had to wait a good ten days before I could attempt to try yet another antibiotic for the bacterial overgrowth caused by the slow EDS mobility of my bowel.

Determined to make sure that I kill it off this time, I opted for a rather brave ten day course. 2 tablets 4 times a day, no milk, nothing to eat 2hrs before or 1hr after. This meant that I was always digesting the dose on an empty stomach. Painful is an understatement!

By day three my stomach was beyond sore, and my POTs wasn’t taking any prisoners either – I’ll admit I had no idea how I was going to last out the full ten days! However, with my mind set, and with the help of pain relief and strong anti-sickness tablets, last Thursday I finished the course… and as that broken record skips around to play the track again – yes, sadly despite all the suffering this past ten days, this too doesn’t appear to have been enough to kill off the overgrowth.

I have recently received copies of letters to my GP from Prof Aziz, the first of which listing alternative antibiotics to try (this latest course was one of those mentioned). He also wrote that; some trial and error would be needed when trying to find the right antibiotic.

In the last letter, he recommended going back to a course of the Augmentin; the very first antibiotic I had, which is the only one that has worked. Yet again, it also didn’t work on the third course. However, it’s been a while since that third unsuccessful course, so hopefully it’ll work this time.

I shall hang out until Thursday of this week (that will be a full week since finishing the latest course of antibiotics) and I shall phone my GP to see if I can start a ten day course of Augmentin. It’s got to the point now that I don’t bloody care how unbearable they are to take, so long as putting myself through ten days of hell is rewarded with a few weeks of infection-free bowel at the end!

  1. noah kenny permalink

    Hi Liam
    Nice to know there are other blokes with POTS and GI problems due to EDS 3 who are willing to share their experience.
    I recently saw Prof Aziz too(referred by Prof Matthias), and found the appointment reassuring.
    Send me an email if you want to get in touch.

    • Thanks for your comment Noah, I’ll drop you an email.

      All the best,

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