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A long month…

February 23, 2012

February has felt like such a long month (despite the fact it’s the shortest one in the year). I seem to be consistently plagued by my stomach. It rules the day, and the way I live my life. After the initial course of augmentin last year, I had 5 glorious weeks with minimal issues after years of, well, hell.

Since Christmas, each course that I have taken for the recurring overgrowth has seen little improvement. The alternative Cyprofloxacin caused a frightening allergic reaction leaving me short of breath and numb with a blinding head ache. So it was back on the Augmentin again.

The last course I took saw little improvement if any, and the overgrowth seemed to be back within a few days. Calls to London eventually saw them agreeing to see me and I set off to London last Thursday to meet with one of Prof Aziz’s consultants. (It was a long day with unbelievable transport hassles… all explained in my video below).

The end result was a suggestion of a new antibiotic – Neomycin and confirmation that they would write to my GP and suggest a few other antibiotics for controlling the inevitable bacterial overgrowth once it’s back again.

I started the Neomycin Saturday and immediately had terrible nausea and within hours my stomach sounded as though I’d just downed a bottle of Mr Muscle drain unblocker. Sunday morning I woke with very loose bowels, but already the smell of the bacteria was gone. So although I felt awful Sunday, I stayed topped up on Domperidone and Cyclizine in an attempt to take the edge off of the nausea, and grinned and bared the stomach pains.

Monday, I err, spent all morning sitting on the loo. Loosing so much fluid through diarrhea really didn’t do me any favors and my pots plummeted. Drinking as much as I could, including rehydration sachets that my GP prescribed me, I just lay resting, unable to stand for long. As if to prove things, a strange turn of events occurred as I actually laid with two jumpers on, infront of the log burning stove… and I was still cold!? Something had clearly stollen my heat intolerance!

I continued with the course throughout the day, but the more I had the diarrhea, the more my pots grew worse. By Tuesday morning, still with diarrhea, I was concerned about becoming anymore dehydrated and my GP came out to see me. We talked and agreed that there was no point in carrying on with the course of Neomycin, as it wasn’t a case of take the course and that’s it. We both know that within 5-6 weeks the bacterial overgrowth will most likely be back anyway, so it was pointless putting myself through anymore.

Two days later and I write this, pleased to say, that the diarrhea appears to have stopped now, and although I feel weak and torn by the last few days, I am starting to feel much better! Oh, and yes, the jumpers have come off and when the fire is lit, the lounge is once again a no-go zone!

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  1. simon waller permalink

    Sorry this happened.. I can empathise with it all – I have crohns diease and ulcerative colitis and am on chemo treatment after nothing else worked and even surgery wasnt an option anymore.

    The pots does get worse with the toilet trips and then im too dizzy or unable to even get there so i end up lying on the floor int he bathroom with a pillow and laptop for days or if it keeps going back to hospitals who usually have no idea what to do.

    I still havent had any news from NHNN so have given up on those idiots, theyve done more harm than good with their delays on things, I have started my own midodrine but its having little effect, we need to boost my blood volume but noone in the UK will approve that treatment for me so pointless trying.

    I just assume this is contuniuing to get worse until its all over as no doctors in the UK will help and my GP has left so nobody there even has a clue anymore.

    I cant go anywhere as I cant stand to walk for more than a minute before i meet the floor and in any indoor situation its too hot, i spent lots of christmas period on a bendch outside in shorts and t-shirt. nobody at NHNN even answered when i asked about the ehat intolerance. Right now the depression has set in to the point i dont come out of my bed or my room and just end up smashing into things when i collapse at night (i dont sleep) trying to get a drink or go to the loo.

    Hope you find some answers, I think they will only deal with one patient at NHNN and catherine best NEVER replied even when I or my GP had urgent concerns. You seem to be having a bit more luck with them and aziz (never got a referral to him , or rheum or sleep clinic)

    All the best


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