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A promising first physio appointment

January 29, 2012

It’s been a difficult week, my symptoms have plummeted and it wasn’t until yesterday that I knew why. Starting the week, my dizziness and nausea were much worse than normal, and the tachycardia was unbearable for quite some time after standing. As the week progressed, my stomach grew more cramped than normal and just sipping water was resulting in bad refluxes, let alone eating food… everything was beginning to point towards another bacterial overgrowth in the bowel, but it had only been 2 weeks since completing the last course of antibiotics!?

Thursday I woke with a great deal of back pain, and despite my worsening pots symptoms I still made my hospital appointment to see the physio at the local hospital (I’ll come back to this in a moment). Friday the lower back pain was intense to say the least, and rather strange as it’s about the only place of my body that isn’t normally in pain. A call to the GP late Friday, and I was advised to dose up on pain relief and see how things are after the weekend.

Sunday today and the pain is still there now, and without wishing to sound crude, my bowel movements over the last 3 days have officially confirmed that my stomach is yet again infected after only just 2 weeks. (a chat with a good friend of mine who has the same slow gut mobility, explained that it was perfectly possible to get a reinfection that quick. At best she can go 4-6weeks before reinfection occurs, but if the bowel is behaving particularly slowly, then 2 weeks isn’t abnormal! – she has been dealing with reinfections for years, so its good to be able to seek her advice).

London have put me on a 6 weekly alternation of antibiotics, so I shall speak with my GP just to make sure that he is ok with me starting the next course early (well, I say early, but if the bloody things infected already, then it needs dealing with now).

It has also, confirmed that a reinfection follows exactly the same warning signs everytime: More dizzy/nauseous than normal, followed by increased tachycardia, and a general pots flareup. Then bad refluxes and worsened stomach ache, followed by a complete loss of appetite, and eventually the fowl taste and smell of the bacteria (which is kind of the confirming factor).

Now back to the physio for some good news. Thursday was my first local appointment after my referral from the London physio (traveling to london was not easy so I asked to continue treatment locally). The joint appointment was with the senior physio in the rheumatology department and the OT (Occupational Therapist) – both were amazing and completely clued up on EDS joint hyper-mobility and secondary illnesses such as POTS.

We sat round a table for over an hour, discussing the whole of my body, front and back, head to toe; they wanted to know everything that was affected by the EDS (admittedly there wasn’t much of the diagram left bare after we finished!). It was so much better than the London physio I saw; she had simply asked me to explain everything and then asked where I hurt the most, before starting me off on some exercises on that area (all that within 30mins!).

I couldn’t believe the response I got and the comforting comments from both the physio and OT at my local hospital. They were completely aware of the fact that the treatment I needed, would need to form a balance between helping the EDS and not exasperating the POTS.

When asked if I had any questions, I explained that I just wanted to know what was happening with my body, that I’d found out a great deal about POTS and how it effects me. And the EDS in regards to my bowel mobility, but I had no knowledge of how it effects the joints, I admitted that I didn’t even know if it was possible to overcome the constant pain.

The response I got was amazing. Firstly she told me that physio wouldn’t cure the pain, but we would be looking into ways to help the joints as much as possible, but secondly, and perhaps the most important for me, next week I will sit with the Physio and OT and they will dedicate my first appointment to educating me on how the joints work and what is happening with the hyper-mobility, so that I will hopefully have a better understanding on what is going on. Yet again another local medical team that have filled me with confidence!

One Comment
  1. Adriana Marks permalink

    Dear Liam,
    I am very happy to know our local doctors do not disappoint. I am amazed at your courageous approach to these hellish illnesses. As always, we wish you the best!
    Adriana, Peter and Daniel

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