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Beyond customer service!!

January 14, 2012

I have recently been through another course of antibiotics following the return of my stomach infection on New Years Day (so much for starting this year with a positive outlook!). Needless to say I have been in a bad way on them and it wasn’t until Thursday this week that the awful side effects cleared up.

This year is set to be one of positivity! Last year was a constant downhill spiral, Nov/Dec were two long months of thinking that eventually lead to accepting what I have. That hasn’t been an easy thing to do, but now I just wish to spend this year trying my best to claw things back a little, by setting myself little, yet achievable goals!

I thought i’d make the first post of this year a positive one! I don’t intend to shy away and attempt to ‘cover up’ my illness anymore, its sometimes easier to bury my head, but it doesn’t help me in any way, so as difficult as it may be, I will have to learn to say no when I need to, and work within my limitations!

After my last opticians appointment, where I grinned and bared the heat, where the store was far too hot and they did nothing to help my heat intolerance, my glasses came back and I was unable to see through them. So last Tuesday I went to a different branch (for the retest) and the level of service was amazing!!!!!! I got in and said I was there for my appointment, but it was too hot so I would wait outside (see, i’m already accepting my limitations and letting others know) we had also discussed over the phone about my heat intolerance so that they knew in advance.

3 mins later the lady came out of the store to tell me she had switched the heating off in the store and it should cool down quite quickly. The optician herself then came outside and called me in and through to her room, where she had set up a separate air con blower right in front of the testing chair. She took time to ensure it was just right for me, and she still kept asking if I was cool enough throughout the appointment.

I then went back into the main part of the store to talk to the optical fitting specialist person (Im not sure of the exact job title). She sat me next to the fire door and said she shouldnt, but could prop the door open on the fire escape if I needed her to, but through turning the heating off, the store was now lovely and cool, so I thanked her and assured her I was fine.

It appears that my sensitive EDS eyesight was possibly picking up on the difference in the optical centres on the lenses, my old pair were under and the new pair were over, so neither were right and were causing a bigger change for the eyesight to deal with. They are going to send them off and match them to my old glasses; as we know I am fine with those. I thanked them and told them they could turn their heating back on again! They told me to remind them on the day I go back, and they’ll ensure the heating is off so that I dont have to sit outside next time.

I have never had so many people be so understanding to both me and what is such an invisible illness – and to turn off all of the heating!? well, they couldn’t have done anything any better!!

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  1. Ruthie permalink

    Hey! Happy New Year! Keep writing these blog posts. Hope things are getting more bearable for you and I am sending love and hugs your way. xxx

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