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Opticians and dental appointment

December 8, 2011

It was a while ago that I went to the opticians, the heat in the shop smacked me in the face as soon as I entered and I tried my best to make it through the test and standing to choose glasses.

The heat was exceptionally bad and I spent the rest of the day with severe palpitations and chest pain, that lasted through the night and equated to a seizure the following morning and a Sunday outing to A&E.

Two weeks later and only one pair of the two that I had ordered were ready for collection. Mum picked them up and when I tried them on I simply could not see through them!?

I could only assume that the heat which affected my vision threw out the results of the test, either that or they had put the wrong prescription lenses in the frames.

Yesterday I returned to Fakenham to visit the dentist (having had to cancel my routine appointment earlier this year as my pots diagnosis was in its early stages, and I was too unwell to travel).

I entered the waiting room with my brother and the heat soon became unbearable, the blood pooled and the veins stuck out, as I grew hotter and hotter. Soon I was down to my t-shirt, legs shaking and laying on the floor in a cold sweat (despite being hot… strange!)

My brother sat (still wearing his coat!) as two shapes entered the waiting room- by this point I couldn’t see a thing and stayed laying, attempting to control my palpitations and shaking legs.

My brother explained afterwards that the two women had looked at me on the floor rather worried and then looked him – he simply smiled back. Still stood in the doorway, they then turned to me again as if to say he really doesn’t look well, and then looked at Nathan again as if to tell him I was on the floor – he simply smiled at them again, with a reassuring ‘this is normal’ look.

The dentist called me in and got up off the floor and entered blindly feeling for the chair where he immediately reclined me, after I explained horizontal was best! The cooler environment and horizontal posture soon brought back the vision and I was then able to relax the shaking.

I had handed him my “medical explanation sheet” (an A4 piece of paper that explains both POTS and EDS and how they relate to me; the symptoms I get, as well as listing the meds I’m on and the specialists details in London). We discussed things and then carried on with the dental examination.

Full marks, good brushing etc, no problems in the tooth department. I was pleased with that, especially as my gums bleed a lot when I brush (due to the EDS) so I was concerned that I might have spent the last year brushing too gently, but that was obviously not the case.

I then stayed in the room (as it was much cooler) while my brother had his check-up, and then left for the fresh air of the high street, and a walk to get the blood pumping.
Thankfully, I managed to get away with nothing more than chest pain and exhaustion for the rest of the day, and I actually slept really well last night only waking four times.

Back to the subject of glasses. My other pair were ready, so mum collected them and got the staff to check the lenses in my other pair while I was at the dentist. As there were no problems with the prescription in the frames, the only solution they could give would be for me to sit a retest examination.

Sadly if it was the heat that caused the issue, then it wouldn’t be resolved by returning to the same incredibly hot store in Fakenham. Fortunately there is another store in Kings Lynn, which mum had visited to recce the ‘heat situation’, they seemed better understanding of what ‘heat intolerance’ meant. Mum said the store was much cooler anyway, and the staff said worst case scenario, that upstairs had no heating or, if needed, they could soon turn the heating off in the store and it would soon cool down while I was in there!

So I have made the earliest appointment I can (an appointment for January) at kings Lynn for a recheck – hopefully I will eventually get to wear these new glasses!

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  1. You can get some opticians to come to your home to do eye tests, I have mine come out to me along with Dr, dentist, chiropractor, hairdresser etc.

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