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A reminder of the past.

May 25, 2011

I almost feel like I’m going to be starting every posting lately with “guess where I’ve just been…” But to spice things up, I actually had today’s seizure during the day, rather than late at night.

I got up this morning with a head close to explosion and new that I would inevitably start fitting at any time. 12pm and in a matter of seconds off I went, only unlike before, I had an excruciating pain in my head too this time. My veins in my head grew fit to bursting, but fortunately, first on scene was a Paramedic, in went the cannula followed by Diazepam and the fitting soon stopped – sheer bliss, there is no way of describing the unbearable pain – I almost wish that I did fall unconscious, at least then I wouldn’t suffer the pain.

The usual trip by ambulance to A+E ensued followed by another chat with a Doctor, before laying the seat back in the car and taking a slow drive home. I apologised to the Doctor for becoming a regular in A+E, but it was very comforting to hear him say “not at all, we’re always here!” and then 20mins later when he came back to discharge me, he again said that if I go again, then I should come straight back.

On another note I received a copy of this month’s Country Walking magazine, containing the 4 page shoot I did of Chris Packham last year. I opened it and literally burst into tears – how did I go from running around a field with camera kit on my back, bending down, standing up, changing lenses, thinking on my feet, to someone housebound in such a disabled state.

  1. Adriana Marks permalink

    Dear Liam,

    Daniel gave me a link to your blog, which I have been reading regularly. Peter, Daniel and I are very sorry you are fighting such a hellish illness and hope and pray your doctors will find a treatment soon so you can have some normality back into your life. You are very brave.
    With love and best wishes,
    Adriana, Peter and Daniel Gamboa

    • Thank you Adriana, Daniel has been incredibly supportive – they say its at times like this when you find out who your true friends are! I’m sure once I get the tests done and they start me on some form of medication, that i’ll be fighting to get back out there again!

      Thank you for your best wishes! Liam.

  2. ray main permalink

    I am sure you would have swoped your thurs with mine although I did have 6.5 hours flytime plus 3 hours of plane delays and it took me another 3 hours in the rain and storms getting back from heathrow….i was moaning about my day but after reading yours, I think I got the better day. I remeber you shooting that job for the mag and how pleased you were with your results, come on lets look on somthing postive mate, its a good shot of the mag and you’ve even showing off that Mac thing in the back ground, you maybe not out shooting at the moment but you sure are making a great job of making my work shine, let just pray that you get these test soon and you can get some normalrty back into your life.

  3. Ruthie permalink

    Liam – you are inspirational. Always here if you need me! x x x

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