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A home visit & turning 24.

May 18, 2011

After the seizures, things with the hospital at Lynn have been taken a lot more urgently, and my consultant Dr Sarda arranged for a lady to visit me at home. She came today and we spoke for some time about the state I’m now in and what she could do to make getting round the house a little easier.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most is a seat that goes across the bath so i can sit down whilst showering! Anyone thats read my previous posting will already know how much this will help) she has also ordered me a perching stool that i can use in front of the sink so that i can sit down whilst having a shave. (i currently shave a bit, sit on the toilet to rest, then shave a bit more…) both of these are certainly going to help no end.

She has also ordered me some sticks to use (the thought of me using sticks to get about outside is not good, i probably wont use them, I think id rather go for a wobbly “i don’t need those” attitude) but we’ll see how i get on i’m sure they’ll be a big help, as i don’t exactly have the security of furniture to hold onto whilst out in the garden.

Im down as an urgent case so should hopefully receive these in the next few days. I turned 24 yesterday, but didn’t expect to be getting mobility aids at this stage of my life – 24 must be old.

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