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Like a washing up bowl

May 13, 2011

By far the worst of any of my symptoms is my head. For ages people have been asking me what it feels like and ‘dizzy’ never seemed to explain it all that well.

If you imagine taking a washing up bowl and filling it up with hot water, now hold it with a hand either side and place it on top of your head; imagine the weight and heat of the water. That is exactly what my head feels like 24/7; all that weight and heat on top of my neck.

Now if you imagine turning left to right, obviously the water inside will swish left and right, but more importantly it’s the weight of that water sloshing about, and that is exactly how this immense pressure feels like in my head, pushing against my ears and eyes and temples.

Things are certainly getting worse and the pressure has built to such a point that I can’t even bend down to get a bowl out of the cupboard. I can’t bear any kind of heat, so if it’s sunny I stay indoors and I have to shower with as little water as possible hitting my head and neck. But that’s just the icing on the cake; other symptoms are also growing worse. I can go tachycardic just by stretching and yawning now.

Following the events of the last few days, I now move at a snail’s pace, scared that I’ll otherwise cause another seizure. We’ve been on the phone to London, and they have said that my consultant should speak with the professor to stress how things have now become.

We phoned Dr Sarda’s secretary on Tuesday and she is chasing things up. I’ve not heard anything back yet, but she always keeps us informed so I’m hoping ‘no news is good news’.

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