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London Tomorrow

April 18, 2011

It seems like an age of waiting and now that the appointment is less than 24hrs hours away I am full of mixed emotions. On one hand I’ve spent the last fortnight like an excited child waiting for xmas, counting the days away in a “how many ‘sleeps’ to go” style. Yet, on the other hand a large part of me feels incredibly apprehensive and fearful at how tomorrow will go.

I’ve spent all day talking the appointment over and over in my head, again and again, each time completely different to the first, but I know full well that it’ll be entirely different on the day. I have had the 19th of April set as a massive mile stone for so long and now that it is here, the future beyond it is empty. I guess that is what I find both fearful and exciting – where will they put the next mile stone.

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