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Cold Hands

March 13, 2011

Cold hands plague me daily. I wear fingerless gloves nearly all of the time when I’m out and about and if I can’t do that, then I walk around like a cowboy with my hands in my pockets.

Unfortunately I find it difficult to fiddle with the camera controls whilst wearing gloves; I did purchase some of those fingerless ones with a mitten flap on them, but I still need to spend the time shooting with my fingers exposed.

This has lead to another, incredibly painful problem – sores and blisters. Where my fingers get cold my hands turn white and some of the capillaries burst. In turn the blood stagnates, turning my hands blue and then when the blood flows again, they go red.

The little blood blisters that form where the capillaries burst, start as tiny black spots (which are incredibly painful! To touch them is not far off a bee sting!) As the weeks progress some go and others swell up causing further problems such as stiff fingers and joint pain.

The ones in the picture below are now in their 2nd month – not visible are smaller spots which are in excess of 40!

I can only imagine that its by using the camera in the cold, as strangely they only form on my right hand!?

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