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Wake up and get up

March 7, 2011

Its been a while since I’ve been able to go out and photograph at dawn. Trying to fight the fatigue and immense headache I get when I wake up is one of the hardest things, but I do find that once up and few glasses of water later, my head does settle down slightly.

Last weekend we rented a holiday cottage up on the coast at Tynemouth to visit my brother for a few days (obviously driving that kind of distance was out of the question, and certainly wouldn’t have been safe, but it was thankfully a family trip, so the parents were driving).

I didn’t sleep at all the first night, the room was far too hot (and the windows in the cottage didn’t vent properly – heat always worsens my symptoms tenfold, so I was more than awake when the hour of dawn approached). Unable to get back to sleep I decided to get up at 5.30am and get a drink.

Dad heard me up and came down and it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to the conditions outside. Thankfully he accompanied me as we set out over the road to the coastline. If there is any kind of non drug related medicine, this would be it! At last I was back out at dawn shooting the amazing conditions and magic that only happens at that time of the day – its conditions and feelings like this that made me became a landscape photographer.

It actually proved something to me too. As I repeated the process the following morning, I found that by getting up earlier I had less of a migraine like headache. Normally I would naturally wake around 6.30am and then lay there struggling to force myself out of bed, come 9am I would have an immense headache, which would then last for most of the day (everyday!). but by simply getting up within 30mins of waking up, I have managed to massively reduce the headache-like symptom.

Images from the weekend can be found on my website here… liamgrantphotography_TynemouthNorthumberland

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